In Brazil, the Pay Phone Lives!

Apparently, the pay phone is not dead. Everywhere you go in Brazil, you will have the opportunity to speak from a pay phone sheltered by one of the best-known examples of Brazilian design: the orelhão (pronounced o-re-LYAO), or big ear. They are literally everywhere, and it’s a striking thing to see in 2012. I was in São Paulo last month and the orelhões on Avenida Paulista had been turned into a temporary exposition I later found out was called “Call Parade”. Each orelhão had been painted by a different artist:

Orelhões are iconic, and unlike pay phones in nearly every other country I’ve visited, seem likely remain a part of Brazil’s built environment for some time. When’s the last time you used or even saw a pay phone?

SCREENSHOTS: Facebook Surveying iPhone Users on Mobile Experience

As far as I know, Facebook does not regularly survey average users on their experience. With that said, I logged in last night and was prompted to take a nine-question survey. 7/9 were about it’s lovely iOS app.

It’d be interesting to see the data from this, but likely results will stay locked up in Facebooklandia. We already know that ads are coming to mobile, and rumor has it a new app will be here by the end of July. How will Facebook integrates ads if an overwhelming majority of users is already dissatisfied with their mobile experience?

One of the last questions asked, “What is your favorite mobile application (not including Facebook)?” It probably wasn’t necessary to go through the trouble of excluding themselves, though. Who in their right mind would say Facebook is their favorite app?