Facebook: 5 Mitt Romney Branding Errors on Facebook

Facebook’s “About’ sections have a way of getting neglected. And Mitt Romney is no exception. Section contains at least 5 major branding misses. Here’s what we can learn:

1. Ender’s Game and Battlefield Earth? I bet you didn’t know the Mormon millionaire was such a nerd. The Sci-Fi affinity also comes out under favorite films, where he lists Star Wars and Raiders  of the Lost Ark.

2. Mitt’s musical tastes officially define him as the whitest person in the world. Even country music fans don’t like Clint Black.

3. Mitt’s okay with blue-state shows like Modern Family, 30 Rock and Seinfeld.

4. He loves music, movies and Myspace. His profile includes an old Myspace account from 2008, three Internet streaming services and an inexplicable link to IMDB.

5. Fields for religion and work history are both left blank, whereas Barack Obama’s page identifies him as a “Christian.”