I’m Using Facebook 82% Less Than in April 2011

I love Wolfram|Alpha, a kind of search engine for quantifiable facts, and their new feature allowing people to analyze themselves for free has got me buzzing. And because I’m a narcissist, I’m going to analyze my data here on Notes for the Road.

For example, I’m post less than I used to, but 82% less? Apparently. April 2011 was my high-water mark and I posted 28 times that month (statuses, photos, links); in August I posted 5. I’ve always been a heavy user but light poster but that’s quite the decline. I suspect I’m far from the only one. Also of note, the amount of links I post has declined in relation to my status and links, but photos have remained the same.

So am I using less or just posting less? It’s important distinction. I wish Wolphram would tell me statistics on how much time I spend actually logged in. What about the frequency of my posts? Do I “like” more things than I did compared to a year ago? Brands vs. people?

Are you posting less than you used to?