A Note on Vancouver’s Skytrain

Vancouver. Wow. I could write pages about this city, but I wanted to just very briefly mention the public transportation system there – specifically the Skytrain – the rapid light transit system serving Metro Vancouver.

Skytrain of Vancouver

Its name may evoke the 1980s, but the Skytrain is the most effective light rail/monorail system I’ve seen so far:

  • Lines: 3 (Expo, Millennium and Canada); 1 planned
  • Daily Ridership: 406,300
  • Stations and Track Length: 47 Stations; 46.7 km of track
  • Frequency: 2.7 min (peak); 6-8 min (off-peak)
  • Began Operation: Dec., 1, 1985

It’s fully automated trains running on grade-separate tracks, mostly on elevated guideways, except in the downtown area. I would like investigate this in greater detail, as I think there are lessons for other North American cities (ahem, Austin). But for now I will leave you with a few pictures of the Skytrain.